New Website

New Website

2015, Dec 11    

Blogs are like keeping a small animal. Occasionally you have to feed them. Occasionally you have to maintain their appearance, and occasionally they’re a pain in the ass to do so. My previous website was built on Anchor CMS, an unwieldy heavy website for beautiful blogging. A SQL server later, I had Anchor running with a metric ton of backend and little bits of PHP.

Since then I’ve looked around at a few websites and came across Jekyll, an extremely reasonable static website platform with little backend to speak of. It took 20 minutes to set up the first local instance, and now this website is running. Some features I enjoy:

  • Static pages
  • Markdown syntax
  • Strong community of developers who write clean code
  • Command-line local instances, as well as interfacing well with Github Pages

I would also like to credit Holo Alfa as the theme I am using, which is clean, responsive, and easy to manage. Their page has a great description of how to spin up their page as well as Jekyll in under thirty minutes. That is, if you don’t futz around with colors for ages like me!

You can find the source for this website on Github.