OpenSCAD GEB-Inspired Block

OpenSCAD GEB-Inspired Block

2015, Dec 11    

ABC XYZ block Block with dual words

This is a block that I made with OpenSCAD, a code-based 3D solid modeler. The basic idea behind OpenSCAD is using a set of primitive shapes (cubes, spheres) and boolean operations (union, difference, intersection) in order to make a complex shape. For this operation, OpenSCAD has an additional font primitive which this model takes advantage of. It is the intersection of “LOVE” and “HATE” rotated about the same axes. The basic code is below:

font = "Consolas:style=Bold";

intersection() {
    rotate(90, [1, 0, 0])   linear_extrude(height=1) text("LOVE", font = font, size = 1, spacing=.7);
    translate ([0,-1, 0])   linear_extrude(height=1) text("HATE", font = font, size = 1, spacing=.7);

It was inspired by the Godel Escher Bach book cover, which is a book written a little too much in a Malcolm Gladwell-esque style for me to read past the first few pages. Maybe one day I will go read it and not have this opinion.

Godel Escher BachGodel Escher Bach Cover (Source