Last updated: September 2018

This is a list of resources of things which I find useful, want to find useful, have found useful in the past. If you have a resource which you would like to contribute to the list, let me know. This was inspired by Laura Deming’s Longevity FAQ.

Control And Estimation

Classical Control

  • Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, Franklin. An excellent classical control resource.

Kalman Filtering

Convex Optimization

  • GPKit - A cool convex optimization tool for design. By the very wonderful and talented Ned Burnell.



  • Anderson - Introduction to Aerodynamics. “Everything you need to know about aerodynamics is in chapters one through four” - Damon Vander Lind
  • McLean - Understanding Aerodynamics: Arguing from the Real Physics

Programming Languages


  • Learn You a Haskell for Great Good - a cute, approachable, simple introduction to Haskell’s subjects.
  • Hoogle - You know, Google, but for Haskell.
  • Stack - An essential part of the Haskell build system and package management.


  • Operating Systems course in Rust. An operating systems course from Stanford. The course consists of writing an operating system from the ground up in Rust on a Raspberry Pi.

Builder/Maker blogs

People who do really cool things.

  • Shutter Clicks - Landon Carter, my undergraduate parter in bad decisions. Photographer, programmer, roboter.
  • Equals Zero - Charles Guan, van/truck/robot/powertool/motorcontroller lover
  • Build-its - mechanical/electronical/controls blog with impressive builds like the world’s fastest rubik’s cube solver.
  • Isopack - Reverse engineer wizard, firmware whisperer, camera enthusiast
  • Amy Qian - All around awesome maker
  • Transistor Man - a weird guy I met at the MIT reactor once
  • MITERS - a magical makerspace at MIT where I grew up as an engineer.
  • Jeremy Trilling - a fantastic young maker I met while at Kitty Hawk.